Thursday, 2 May 2013

Discovery of Lemon Juice and Toothpaste

Discovery of Lemon Juice.
Seeing as lemon juice is a citric acid, it was discovered around the 8th century. In 1784 a Sweedish Chemist, known as Carl Wilhelm Sheele crystallized citric acid to form lemon juice. Industrial citric acid production, had began in 1890 based on Italian citrus fruit industry.

Present Use For Lemon Juice
Nowadays, lemon juice can be used in cooking and for healing.

Discovery of Toothpaste.
The discovery of toothpaste was before the discovery of toothbrushes. The Greeks and Romans, improved recipes for the different kinds of toothpastes by adding abrasives such as crushed bones and oyster shells. It's still unknown to whether early toothpastes were used alone, were rubbed onto the teeth with rags, or were used with early toothbrushes; such as twigs.

Present Uses For Toothpaste.
Nowadays, toothpaste is still used to brush your teeth. The way it's used is being placed on a toothbrush and  run under some water and then you brush your teeth. It helps brush away all the plaque on your teeth.

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